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Group Rules have been established for the Safety and Comfort of all our members. In many cities, Meet-Up groups are often used by some people to pickup others or for trying to sell products and/or services. Female members are often the ones most affected so with this in mind we have established very strict rules for our Male members. Our groups have so many nice people and we are careful about new memberships. In addition, at our meet-ups, we usually have one or more group managers or event organizers who also monitor for problems.


  1. Male Members may not ask our Female members for their contact information. This includes phone numbers, e-mail address, social media related or communication applications.

  2. Male Members may not ask our Female Members where they work, where they go to School or Where they live.

  3. If a Female Member is interested in having contact with a Male Member outside of the group, she can offer her contact information to the Male Member only of her own free will an not by being prompted or asked by the Male Member.

  4. Male members may not use our Group Messenger system to randomly contact our Female Members. If our female members complain to us about being contacted through our group messenger system the member making the contact(s) may be removed and/or banned from the group.

  5. If a Group Manager or Group Event Organizer notices the above rules being broken, or if a Female member reports being bothered, the person breaking the rules could be removed from the group temporarily or permanently banned from returning.


From time to time we will have Singles events. These are events where the rules are relaxed and where Male members may express their interest however they may only provide their contact information if the Female Member asks for it.

These rules may sound one sided, but they are for the protection of our Female Members and based on the fact that in many large cities Females are hit on and subjected to the advances of players. We want to keep our group environment Safe and Comfortable for everyone.


Over time, for example several months, people get to know each other well. In these circumstances rules are relaxed.


We do not allow sellers of services or products to solicit our group members. This includes agencies, schools, insurance, agencies and other services. If someone is trying to sell you directly or contacting you to sell something, please report them using our reporting page. CLICK HERE to report.


If you experience problems with a person bothering you or trying to sell you a product or service,


Your name will always be kept confidential

Help us to keep our group safe and comfortable.


Event organizers take the time and effort to organize events as volunteers and when we use a Venue such as a restaurant or other places with limited space, it's important to change your status to not going if you can't make it. If your registered as going and do not show up your attendance is flagged as a NO SHOW, if a member is flagged more than 3 times as a NO SHOW, their profile is automatically deleted from the group.


Sometimes the Venue we reserve or use has limited space. For this reason we sometimes set limits or need to know how many seats to arrange. If you show up without being registered it makes it hard for the event organizer(s). Please show respect to our Volunteer Group Organizers and register if you intend to go to an event or activity. Sometimes a person may decide after the event is already started and can't register. This situation is ok but please try to register ahead if your thinking to attend.

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Safety tips here presented are for your personal safety and protection in any city and/or in any group environment. There are many types of meet-up groups. Some are based online like our group while others are in Cafes or other places.

We are not saying to be afraid of everything but for your personal safety and protection we present here some helpful tips. We added this section because we have heard and have helped many people over the years who actually had bad situations that started from encounters with strangers.

About Private Homes

Beware of invitations to Private homes, especially people you do not know well. There is a high risk for you to go to a private home. We have been told about experiences in other groups that in particular female members got into bad situations.

Meet-UP Groups / Safety Tips / Female Members

  1. Beware of Sweet talkers who focus all their attention on you. Take time to get to know a person well before giving out your contact info or other personal information about yourself. Sadly there are many players who often take advantage.

  2. Players often target meet-up group environments and are often looking for sexual adventures or to scam money from a person if they can get their trust or both. 

  3. Get to know a person well before giving in to their advances. Don't allow yourself to get used or hurt.

  4. Do not lend money to anyone unless your very sure about them. Scammers can target a person for their money.

  5. Players often target group situations and in particular they target International Students and/or Working Holiday persons because they know they will be here a short time and after going back to their country won't be able to do anything about a bad situation or to get their money back if they lent any. Players often have many Girls on the hook at the same time.


  1. When walking on the street or on public transit or in Cafes, Female members sometimes can be approached by a person or persons who try to strike up  a casual conversation, usually by speaking to them in their native language or asking them where they are from. Smooth talkers. Be careful about this. Players / Users often target people this way.

  2. Do not easily give out your contact info or social media info. Use caution and be wise.

  3. A person who walks up to you on the street or in a cafe may be doing this with many others as well. Be Wise about this.


  1. Be careful about strangers in Bars / Clubs

  2. Never accept a drink from a stranger. Drinks can easily be drugged with knockout drugs used to take advantage of a person while they are knocked out.

  3. Be careful about being invited to a strangers home. Once inside, you may not have control of the situation.

  4. Players and Pickup artists, both Male and Female often target nightclubs and bars.


  1. PHOTOGRAPHY - Sometimes, we have heard reports of Females being approached on Public Transit, In Cafes, On the Street or in Meet-Up groups for Photography. The person will have a business card and say they are a professional photographer or talent agent. Be careful about this also. True Professional Agents or Photographers do not target people on the street, in Cafes or at Meet-Up Groups. Be careful of these people, they may be after your money or to lure you into the adult pictures industry or for sexual reasons. They will use tactics such as saying your cute, they can get you into acting or fashion jobs and so on ..

  2. MASSAGE JOBS - In the classifieds section of various online websites and in some other places you can see advertisements for Massage jobs that pay very high amounts of money. Be careful about these job offers. While some may be ok, some could be traps that lead you into the sex trade industry. Be especially careful of the ones that say no experience required or no certificate required.


The above are presented as tips and to be helpful. Please don't be afraid to enjoy your time and have fun, just please use caution and be safe. 

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